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Seing patterns.

I like the blog A Collection a Day very much. The concept is simple: every day in 2010 the blogger publishes a photo of a small collection of things. I like collections in general, and I like the diversity of … Continue reading

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Surfing with Marlene and Orson

I’m sure you know how it is when searching the internet and one idea takes the next and all of a sudden you have moved from browsing for Christmas presents to researching about some German hypnotiser who lived in the … Continue reading

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My Life with Apple. Happy Birthday, Mac!

Today it is 25 years since the first Apple Macintosh was introduced by Steve Jobs. It was the first personal computer to use images instead of just green text on a black screen as interface. Today it seems natural to … Continue reading

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I have been tagged by two of the people on my blog roll. Miss Mostly Opera who is writing very interesting stuff about classical music – that is… opera… that is… Wagner. Primarily.   And by my good friend Jens … Continue reading

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Look what I found on ze internetz: And that is just one example of the whole periodic system in videos at The Periodic Table of Videos. Pure geekyness mmmm. /anna Thanks to

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I like it in here!

Lol! /anna

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Today there are exactly six months to my birthday. When I was an only child many, many years ago that meant presents! Today it means… well… I went to the bank to sort out my pension. I guess that’s what’s … Continue reading

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