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Wheels spinning. Photo of the Week #133

We take it very seriously in my family. Look at those faces. Look at how tense every one is. This is a photo from last year, but this scene will repeat itself this summer as it does every summer. The … Continue reading

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Sherlock Holmes is forever connected with long summer holidays in the family cottage by the sea where I read the stories of the master detective in my teens. And I still love Sherlock though its been years since I picked … Continue reading

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Omsen & Momsen. Childhood Memories

Tom and Jess are names printed in the mind of every person about my age and probably in the minds of all my generation’s parents and siblings as well – in Denmark that is. The actors Tom and Jess, a.k.a. … Continue reading

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Shake it Hamm!

As a European I only know a fraction of the references to American TV shows in the opening skit of the Emmy Awards. But even if I haven’t seen that Glee thing I still get to enjoy the hilariousness of … Continue reading

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Living my other character… Thomas for the X Factor Win

Not that one should necessarily cultivate double-naturedness or your inner Mr Hyde, but I think a certain amount of out-of-characterness is healthy. That’s at least what I have been telling myself these many past Fridays when the Danish version of … Continue reading

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By demagoguery I mean demagoguery

After having just given a paper at a conference I enjoy the freedom of having my evenings off. I keep thinking I should be doing something and then I realise that, no, I don’t have to do anything but watch House … Continue reading

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In Tears. Giuseppe Verdi beaten to death by unsubtle drummer

I just came upon a very, very funny youtube clip. Funny because it’s sad. Oh, so very sad and phoney. One of my favourite singers, mezzo soprano Tuva Semmingsen, seems to have been in some dire economic need or possibly … Continue reading

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