Pandas! Photos of the Week #153

In the middle of China, in the province of Sichuan you find the city of Chengdu. And in the northern part of Chengdu is the Panda Base. I was at the Panda Base a couple of weeks ago to meet pandas, pandas and pandas! I met plenty and they were just as cute as I had hoped for. Panda babies are cute when sleeping and when playing. Teenage pandas are cute when eating and stealing food from their classmates. Adult pandas are cute when sleeping up in trees after breakfast. My sister and I spent more than six hours at Panda Base – completely absorbed by these chubby loungers.

Of course I took one zillion photos and I will probably share every now and again here on the blog, but to begin with here is a small series of three from the teenage enclosure.

Panda leaning on friend“That’s good, yes, just stay there…”

Panda leaning on friend that suddenly leaves“Wtf?”

Panda lying on its back“Oh well…”

My warmest recommendations. Chengdu Panda Base is worth all your travel, trouble, money and the hustler taxi drivers.



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