Today there are exactly six months to my birthday. When I was an only child many, many years ago that meant presents! Today it means… well… I went to the bank to sort out my pension. I guess that’s what’s called to be grown up. But I also decided to use one of my credits on audible and that is sort of a gift… or whatever. But let me share my recently re-found joy in audio books which I guess is not a very grown up thing to love except if you’re blind of course. But I do enjoy having a book read to me and I always have. So when I found I was thrilled. Here are a thousand audio books ready to be downloaded to my iPod. Classics and modern fiction have been my choices until now but they also offer loads of other genres. And being very sensitive as to the voice and style of the reader I am glad to be able to listen to samples before purchasing.

Since summer I have been listening to Haruki Murakami, Charles Dickens, and J.K. Rowlings (though not from audible) while cleaning, doing the dishes, gardening, cooking, walking, shopping, travelling, on the bus.

Audio book listening

It reminds me of long trips by car to France or Italy when I was a child and would be carsick if I read, so I listened to audio books on my walkman instead. Kipling, Astrid Lindgren, Roald Dahl, Bjarne Reuter.

When I listen now it allows me to ‘read’ when I would not otherwise be able to and only when I am completely immersed in the story I sit down and do nothing else. Such times I wish I were a knitting kind of person. But I’m not, so I just sit there.

My encounter with audible hasn’t meant I don’t read in the ordinary fashion, it has only increased my total reading amount. Feels great!

And my unbirthday present? Ken Follett’sThe Pillars of the Earth, which I have been curious about for some time. Light reading perhaps, but very entertaining and a true page-turner… file-turner… track-turner. I have tried it with dishwashing, clotheswashing and it also goes well with tea. Just now I am resting my ears.


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