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The Tiger Lillies in Copenhagen

I had a wonderful experience on Saturday when I witnessed a performance of Hamlet with the weird ensemble The Tiger Lillies. The text was cut down to a minimum and replaced by physical action and music. It was very good. … Continue reading

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How ink is made

When I was a child television was somewhat limited. One channel. And every night at six there was half an hour of children’s tv. And sometimes they would add a couple of minutes showing something edifying – like how different … Continue reading

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Purrrrche porti la gonella. Schrott and the list

Something for a lazy Sunday afternoon: Erwin Schrott sang Leporello’s aria at Placido Domingo’s 70th birthday concert. (via Opera Chic) /anna

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Outside the church there is no salvation. Stephen Fry on the Catholic Church and why history matters

I promised more on why history matters, and here comes a highly inspiring lecture on that subject. The speaker is Stephen Fry who is a personal favourite of mine with his wonderful recording of Harry Potter, with A Bit of … Continue reading

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We’ll poison the pigeons in the park!

I know I need to be reminded of the fabulous Tom Lehrer every once in a while, don’t you? Of course you do! So here’s something to brighten your day. Springtime is here.

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Aprilsnar, April Fools’ Day, Pesce d’aprile, Aprilscherz, Poisson d’avril…

Danish newspapers have been full of April Fools’ pranks all day. I especially liked the one that said Denmark had shrunk 30 km2 because of the earthquake in Japan…but also this one from the National Gallery in Copenhagen is nice. … Continue reading

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Baby trashes bar in Las Palmas. A short film to watch.

Not that I ever experienced some English, German, Swedish, Dutch or Danish middle aged tourist run amok in a bar in Las Palmas… but this is exactly how I would picture it. And I can’t wait to see the whole … Continue reading

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