Freaks of Campaign

On Tuesday the Danes will be electing their new parliament members. Which as always means that the country is plastered with faces of candidates. I don’t know if it is done similarly in other countries but we have thousands of small posters just with a face and a name hanging on lamp posts and trees. My way to work takes me through the centre of Copenhagen past the town hall and the Parliament so I see quite a few. And some of them have been enhanced by passersby. And not only with the classic moustache and fat eyebrows. This is one.

Trine Mach

I don’t know what it is, but I really like it:-D

Some of the enhancements border on street art. Here are two examples. And I think it’s the same candidate behind the paint. But who’s to tell?


Klorin & solarie

Along one of the main streets in my neighbourhood all the posters were painted white some days ago, and now people are beginning to write their own messages on all the white boards.

This campaign has really brought the internetsh into the fight. Videos on youtube are especially popular. And then they put them as ads on news web sites as well. When you accidentially brush the video with your cursor it starts and it FREAKS me out! Try this sound bit for example. Waaaa! I mean there you are peacefully reading news and suddenly some male voice says HI!


Villy Søvndal speaks

Besides from the element of fright I love his crazy alliteration: “stress og stregkoder”. Meaning “stress and bar codes” (he’s talking about eldercare and how the employees should have more time to bond with the elders). I really want to say that aloud too. Stress og stregkoder!

Looking forward to Tuesday.


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