My Life with Apple. Happy Birthday, Mac!

Today it is 25 years since the first Apple Macintosh was introduced by Steve Jobs. It was the first personal computer to use images instead of just green text on a black screen as interface. Today it seems natural to have a desktop. Back then it was revolutionary.

I have been a happy Mac user since I first touched a computer at the age of say ten, when my dad brought home this wonder:

The first time I went online was on an iMac.

The first laptop entirely my own was a PowerBook G3 which I loved dearly:

I went through university and wrote my dissertation with these two fellows (the iBook even had a name – Inger):

And now I am the happy, happy owner of this wonder:

“Never trust a computer you can’t lift” was what Steve Jobs said back in 1984 – and the future seemed to have just arrived I’m sure. I was only going on five, but Apple and Macintosh have shaped my life ever since. From typing my first words on a Macintosh Classic to being online most of the day writing emails, skyping, chatting, blogging – communicating. And that’s not even mentioning the iPod…

Here is what it looked like back then in 1984 – and yes – that is Steve Jobs…:


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4 Responses to My Life with Apple. Happy Birthday, Mac!

  1. Cate says:

    You are one dedicated fan, I hope Mr Jobs is paying you if not he should be. I love Macs as well but I’m not a user, yet. The lines and design of these computers are user friendly compared to others.

  2. anninateatime says:

    Yes, I am indeed a fan. But it’s also just a way of recapitulating the evolution of computers and internet for the past 25 years. Apple has been an on and off forerunner in that period and I just happened to be brainwashed at a very early age. I use PCs at my work – and oh my – they are complicated. Perhaps because I am used to something else – but not entirely, as I have had PCs under my hands for say eight years, and I’m still confused.
    OK – you’re right. He should be paying me;-)


  3. Carlos says:

    Hi, good morning.
    I´m stydying the history of Apple and I´m asking for a help.
    Would you write and send to my the speech of Steve Jobs at april 1984?
    I´m brasilian and if you want something help about my country I will very happy to give you.

  4. anninateatime says:

    Hi Carlos,

    I would be happy to help you but I do not have the speech. My best advice is google or Apple’s homepage…
    Good luck!

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