Daffodils. Photo of the Week #156


Flowers and cute cats and having my windows cleaned. Springtime!



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Pinky all alone. Photo of the Week #155

Shanghai. The Bund.

Shanghai is one of the busiest places I have been and yet… on The Bund a sunny day in December one can feel very free and on to new adventures!


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Merry Christmas. Photo of the Week #154

Christmas tree

This is what Christmas looks like in my family. Of course this is last year’s tree since we wait until Christmas Eve to light the candles. But it will be just as beautiful and just as cosy.

Merry Christmas to all!


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Pandas! Photos of the Week #153

In the middle of China, in the province of Sichuan you find the city of Chengdu. And in the northern part of Chengdu is the Panda Base. I was at the Panda Base a couple of weeks ago to meet pandas, pandas and pandas! I met plenty and they were just as cute as I had hoped for. Panda babies are cute when sleeping and when playing. Teenage pandas are cute when eating and stealing food from their classmates. Adult pandas are cute when sleeping up in trees after breakfast. My sister and I spent more than six hours at Panda Base – completely absorbed by these chubby loungers.

Of course I took one zillion photos and I will probably share every now and again here on the blog, but to begin with here is a small series of three from the teenage enclosure.

Panda leaning on friend“That’s good, yes, just stay there…”

Panda leaning on friend that suddenly leaves“Wtf?”

Panda lying on its back“Oh well…”

My warmest recommendations. Chengdu Panda Base is worth all your travel, trouble, money and the hustler taxi drivers.



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Frying crullers. Photo of the Week #152

Frying crullers

Christmas fun at my sister’s. We are making crullers – very traditional Danish Christmas pastries – but not something we usually do in my family. They were funny doing, and oh, they are good!
Now last episode of Homeland. Weeeee.

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The Concept of Anxiety. Photo of the Week #151

There comes a time in every woman’s life when asking your friends to move for you, paying them by means of pizza and beer just doesn’t cut it. And moving to the 5th floor does pose some challenges. One of them being…moving to the 5th floor. So early on I decided to pay my way out of it.

I hired these guys who turned out to be fearless not to say reckless.


They preferred this to carrying all my stuff up the stairs. Which I can relate to if it wasn’t because of the minor detail of RISKING YOUR LIFE!

Anyways. They survived. And so did I. And my stuff.


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Seal. Photo of the Week #150

Let’s celebrate the 150th photo of the week and my return to the blog with a seal!

I met this harbour seal at the northernmost tip of Denmark, Grenen, north of the town of Skagen a couple of weeks ago. I was there for the museum and took an early morning walk before entering. You can drive almost all the way there but the last kilometer or so you have to walk on the beach and then you get to the spit where the North Sea and Kattegat meet. I had heard about seals in this area and was hoping for one. I got five! Four of them together and then this solitary one a bit further ahead. And it was not afraid of anything – least of all me. I could get as close as a meter and then it barked a bit to make me understand “no touching”. It was fascinating and look how cute!


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