In Tears. Giuseppe Verdi beaten to death by unsubtle drummer

I just came upon a very, very funny youtube clip. Funny because it’s sad. Oh, so very sad and phoney.

One of my favourite singers, mezzo soprano Tuva Semmingsen, seems to have been in some dire economic need or possibly just out of her freakin’ mind. She actually joined the Danish version of Dancing with the Stars – and that would be sort of OK were she actually dancing, but no, no she had to join the orchestra in doing the most kitschy version of Giuseppe Verdi’s Libiamo ne’ lieti calici from La Traviata I have ever heard.

OMG the drummer who just takes the Verdian-oom-pah-pah to a whole new level – I mean, this duet can only take that much tackiness and it will just turn to the dark side – the drummer is not helping here. And OMG Tuva’s companion (who happens to be her husband), and OMG the whole, awful set-up.

I mean Tuva does a great job. But why even be there with all that bad dancing, faux elegance, and the vulgar Las Vegas lights?

I am crying here. A little bit of laughter and a lot because this is how Verdi outta sound:


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