Living my other character… Thomas for the X Factor Win

Not that one should necessarily cultivate double-naturedness or your inner Mr Hyde, but I think a certain amount of out-of-characterness is healthy. That’s at least what I have been telling myself these many past Fridays when the Danish version of X Factor has been hitting the screen. I am a very classically cultured person, working in a fine arts museum, listening to classical music, and knowing at least some of my classics. So why not a bit of pop culture to complete the picture? Anyhow, I have been mesmerised by the participants of the show, especially two of them. And what do you know – one of them won tonight in the big finale. And when it couldn’t be Anna from the Faroe Islands who was fabulous, then I was perfectly content with Thomas the Teacher taking the prize. Here they are with their best performances. Performances that made me listen to Coldplay and Amy Winehouse. Surprising indeed.


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