Bad taste… for blood

I’m all about vampires at the moment having read the Twilight books and chewing away at the series True Blood. Two very different things – the former I’m a bit cringy to admit having completely swallowed up to a point where addiction might be the appropriate word and hey these books are so terribly adolescent girly and I don’t want to be like that ten years post festum. But I am. Twilight rules. There, I said it. And I can’t wait ’til the new movie hits the theatres…

Having said that my next fix True Blood is so much more worthy of being hailed. This series is so quirky, funny, bloody, violent, sexy and tongue in cheek’ish, and I think it is perfectly fitted with a zeitgeist that requires a smirk and a sarcastically raised eyebrow while exposing all the worst things of today – religious fanaticism, war, prejudice. Let’s laugh at it, have a ball and drink ourselves senseless – right? True Blood is all that all the while also just being a cliffhanging whodunnit.

One of the best things about True Blood (apart from the great acting) is the soundtrack and strangely enough the intro sequence. The music combined with the pictures of the predators and the redeemed all the while moving through decaying things towards night is just brilliant and I have that song (by Jace Everett) glued to my iPod.

And as none of the characters actually star in the intro I’ll give you another spot-on video from the series – the promo for season two with another great singer, Bob Dylan.



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One Response to Bad taste… for blood

  1. atthelighthouse says:

    True Blood does look awesome, Anna! I’m going to have to check that out now. And you’re right, that intro song is fantastic.

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