Seal. Photo of the Week #150

Let’s celebrate the 150th photo of the week and my return to the blog with a seal!

I met this harbour seal at the northernmost tip of Denmark, Grenen, north of the town of Skagen a couple of weeks ago. I was there for the museum and took an early morning walk before entering. You can drive almost all the way there but the last kilometer or so you have to walk on the beach and then you get to the spit where the North Sea and Kattegat meet. I had heard about seals in this area and was hoping for one. I got five! Four of them together and then this solitary one a bit further ahead. And it was not afraid of anything – least of all me. I could get as close as a meter and then it barked a bit to make me understand “no touching”. It was fascinating and look how cute!


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2 Responses to Seal. Photo of the Week #150

  1. anninateatime says:

    Ja for pokker!

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