Picking colour scheme and perhaps some monkeys. On decorating a new home

In three days I will get the keys for my new apartment. It’s on the top floor with angled walls and moving from an apartment on the ground floor I look forward to all that light a 5th floor apartment offers.

I love a good diy project so I have been checking out colours and also some wallpaper. The apartment has more rooms than I am used to so there is space for a bit of craziness. Like these monkeys from Cole & Son.

I am considering the paper for my dining room and since the furniture is all in black I think it is necessary with some fun and games. We’ll see if I have the courage to do it!

Other from that I have been trying out different colours from Farrow & Ball. They make beautiful paints inspired by traditional colour schemes and the quality seems top notch. You can buy small sample pots like these:

I got Green Smoke, Cooking Apple Green, Hague Blue, French Gray, Mouse’s Back and Charleston Gray. I have been looking for a warm grey for my office/library (yes…I will have that – yay!) and Charleston Gray seems to match both my dark blue armchairs and my mahogany chest of drawers . I simply painted the colours on thick paper so that I can move them around and also take them to the new place.

From the left: Charleston Gray, French Gray, Mouse’s Back, Hague Blue, Green Smoke, and Cooking Apple Green.

I am fascinated by the very dark Hague Blue and considering it for the hall. Could be beautiful with some focused light on gold framed pictures on that blue.

Oh, I love projects and dreaming about projects!


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Giro d’Italia in Denmark. Photo of the Week #149

On the 1st of April last year it was announced that Giro d’Italia would begin in Denmark in 2012. Of course we all took it as an April fools’ joke. But no joke as I established myself yesterday when I went all the way to the city of Herning to watch the time trial prologue of the race. Never has so much Italian been spoken in those parts and never have so many Danish men and boys worn so much pink.

These guys focused more on beer than pink but their enthusiasm was unambiguous when they rooted for both riders and fellow cycling fans. Like me and my family passing by…

Today the race goes the farthest North any of the large races have ever gone and even though I think it is slightly, well… off, a lot of Danes are having a lot of fun seeing their cycling heroes up close. So hooray for the Giro!



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The Tiger Lillies in Copenhagen

I had a wonderful experience on Saturday when I witnessed a performance of Hamlet with the weird ensemble The Tiger Lillies. The text was cut down to a minimum and replaced by physical action and music. It was very good. And you can still go if you are in Copenhagen – they play until the 12 May at Republique. My warmest recommendations.

The Tiger Lillies are new to me but it’s wonderful to have discovered them. So now I will share with you too! This is from their adaptation of the book Der Struwwelpeter so… burning children and such…

Look, look, look:


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Running cows! Photo of the Week #148

“Why not start with some cows after having neglected the blog for more than a month?”, I thought. So… running cows. They ran out of their barn last Sunday when all the Danish ecological cows were let loose because spring had finally arrived. So a lot a people, me included, went to a farm to watch that. It’s fun to see because the cows are so giddy, jumping around and mooing a lot. And falling over a bit too.

There you go. Cows.


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How ink is made

When I was a child television was somewhat limited. One channel. And every night at six there was half an hour of children’s tv. And sometimes they would add a couple of minutes showing something edifying – like how different products are made. It would just be images from some factory and a voiceover – a man and a child – the man explaining and the child asking questions. And that was it. And I loved it. Toothpaste, marbles, cakes – all sorts of things.

So when I saw this on youtube I was delighted! How ink is made. And then something as important and discrete as ink. We see it all day long and never think about it. Working with images and printing I know how important a good quality ink and a top printer are.



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Lion cub on auntie’s lap. Photo of the Week #147

This photo has been hanging on my granny’s fridge for years. It shows her aunt and uncle and it looks like the cub and uncle are thinking the same: “when will this be over?” while auntie is enjoying herself immensely. I would too!

I have no idea where they are – some zoo, but in Denmark? With that palm tree behind them? Did they travel? Hmm, perhaps, but not likely. Will have to ask granny about it…


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Let it snow! Rome and the white masses. Photo of the Week #146

Rome and snow is an intriguing combination. That was the conclusion my sister and I drew last week after being met by closed doors at the Colosseum, the Forum Romanum, the Galleria Borghese and the Pantheon due to “emergenza neve” – they felt that 5 centimeters of snow would make these sites too dangerous for the public. Coming from Denmark we thought it hilarious but ok, this was the greatest snowfall Rome had experienced for 27 years.

In the photo the Spanish steps are being cleared of snow under a bright blue sky that made the whole Rome-in-snow-experience quite a beautiful one.


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