Picking colour scheme and perhaps some monkeys. On decorating a new home

In three days I will get the keys for my new apartment. It’s on the top floor with angled walls and moving from an apartment on the ground floor I look forward to all that light a 5th floor apartment offers.

I love a good diy project so I have been checking out colours and also some wallpaper. The apartment has more rooms than I am used to so there is space for a bit of craziness. Like these monkeys from Cole & Son.

I am considering the paper for my dining room and since the furniture is all in black I think it is necessary with some fun and games. We’ll see if I have the courage to do it!

Other from that I have been trying out different colours from Farrow & Ball. They make beautiful paints inspired by traditional colour schemes and the quality seems top notch. You can buy small sample pots like these:

I got Green Smoke, Cooking Apple Green, Hague Blue, French Gray, Mouse’s Back and Charleston Gray. I have been looking for a warm grey for my office/library (yes…I will have that – yay!) and Charleston Gray seems to match both my dark blue armchairs and my mahogany chest of drawers . I simply painted the colours on thick paper so that I can move them around and also take them to the new place.

From the left: Charleston Gray, French Gray, Mouse’s Back, Hague Blue, Green Smoke, and Cooking Apple Green.

I am fascinated by the very dark Hague Blue and considering it for the hall. Could be beautiful with some focused light on gold framed pictures on that blue.

Oh, I love projects and dreaming about projects!


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