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Soundtracks and Harry Potter

Earlier this week my gym played a track from the movie 1492 and I recognised it immediately even though I haven’t listed to it for ages. But I did as a teenager, and the melody reminded me of a certain … Continue reading

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First Alice

I have to share this with you: highlights from the first adaptation of Alice in Wonderland. It’s from 1903 and I’m sure the audiences back then had their eyes just as peeled as I will have when I watch Tim … Continue reading

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Cheshire Cats

Yay it’s on its way! The Cheshire Cat and I will meet on Thursday this week. And it will be talking with Stephen Fry’s voice – so how great’s that? And what do you know – cheshire cats grinned already … Continue reading

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Do you like opera, Tom? Well, do ya, punk?!

As an opera lover I find it extremely annoying when opera is raped by people who in a quest to show how sensitive and artistic they are pick poor opera as their medium. You know when you are dragged through … Continue reading

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The Groke. Moomin Winter Horror

Winter is clearly leaving so it’s a last chance for winterly topics. Such as the midwinter horrors of the Moomin stories by Finnish author Tove Jansson. I think many children feel that the Moomin books can be quite discomforting. I’ve … Continue reading

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