Lady in White. Queen Margrethe’s 40th jubilee. Photo of the Week #145

This weekend Queen Margrethe II celebrates her 40th jubilee with pomp and circumstance. I am not a firm believer in the monarchy and find it rather terrible that anyone should be born different from the rest of us. Plain wrong. But being principled on one side doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy the glamour of a good royal celebration. I’m a sucker for it – beautiful dresses, wonderful jewels, elegant horses in formation with hussars blowing their horns, golden carriages etc. etc.  So when I by coincidence found myself close to the royal palaces at the right time today I parked my car and joined some thousands of other more or less loyal subjects to watch the Queen pass by in her carriage on her way to the city hall. 

You can see what it all looked like here…since my photo of the week is not very illustrative of the occasion. I picked this at first glance rather bad photo because it captures the fleeting moment of her majesty driving by, waving, while the masses wave their paper flags in return. In the reflection of one such flag you can also discern the profile of the prince consort Henri. And I love the colors, douce and winterly with a touch of champagne to celebrate the new year. 



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