Merry Christmas – straight from the manger

Only in America… My favorite is the star over Bethlehem while the smoking king is a very close second.

I hope everyone is having a wonderful Christmas – today I am enjoying it a tiny bit more since it is Monday and I would have been at work for 1,5 hours by now were it a normal Monday (as it unfortunately will be in a week – who ever said 2nd of January wasn’t a holiday?)

Time off + duck, presents, and obscene amounts of filled chocolates to accompany loads of television and good books – I love the concept.

Merry Christmas!



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One Response to Merry Christmas – straight from the manger

  1. lordwales says:

    I forgot the third double holidays in Slovenija:

    Cristmas and Saint Štefan day ( Saint for the animals ) We are world winer on that field.
    About smoking: I m strictly against without any compromise. My cousen ( male ) is dr. of historical sciense, rafting guiede and very lazy person, smoking again…………………..

    I listen the internet Norway country radio staition and try to wacht again Fawlty Towrs.

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