Election Day in Denmark. Photo of the Week #137

Finally the day has come – the day we’ve all been waiting for: Election Day. Hooray!

Hooray for two reasons – Danish politicians have been campaigning for at least all of 2011 and we are tired and bored with them, and then for me personally I dream of a new government. I voted for the Red-Green Alliance which is about as left wing as you can get. Yes, you may call me a champagne socialist. I have always voted for the Red-Green Alliance which is a small party in Danish politics but this year curiously enough I am totally en vogue. It has become da bomb to vote for this young lady, Johanne Schmidt-Nielsen. And I like her a lot, but since she is quite certain to be elected I searched for another candidate from the same party and picked Jens Kjær Christensen because he seemed like an intelligent and sympathetic politician when I met him at a debate on Monday. He’s not very likely to get a seat in parliament, but my vote will not be lost – it will just go to the party.
It looks like the centre-left will win these elections marginally. But as long as they win I will not have to emigrate. So cross your fingers with me! And yay for democracy!


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2 Responses to Election Day in Denmark. Photo of the Week #137

  1. Rughino says:

    Adoro (e non conoscevo)!: “champagne socialist”… In italiano “radical chic”… dato che si tratta di un blog internazionale possiamo fare appello alla traduzione del termine/concetto in varie lingue!
    Un abbraccio
    Siamo con te: “yay for democracy”, “evviva la democrazia”!

  2. anninateatime says:

    E’ un’esprezione danese – champagne socialist – non so se esiste in inglese, ma adesso sì. Radical chic mi piace tanto anche, la Johanne Schmidt-Nielsen è l’imagine di radical chic.
    E abbiamo vinto, Francisco!!! Che gioia!

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