Now is the time to gorge yourself on mushrooms and personally I cannot say no to chanterelles – in whatever form they may come. In Sweden we have been looking for them without luck until suddenly we did find a small colony in a tiny forest close by our house. So here is my recipe for a wonderful open chanterelle sandwich.

First you take one late summer forest:

Then you pick all the chanterelles you can find:

Then you cut them into smaller bites and fry them on a hot pan without any oil until the water has evaporated. Then you add some fresh rosemary and maybe a tiny bit of garlic along with some olive oil:

Then it is time for some double cream and armagnac or calvados. And this is where you could just eat the whole thing with pasta and life would be good. But…

…you could also fry some bread in oil, rosemary and garlic:

And then serve the chanterelles on that with a nice glass of Prosecco or any other white wine. This goes well with Indian summer nights too.



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2 Responses to Chanterelles

  1. SmartJava says:

    Thank you for including the pic of the chanterelle. I live in Grande Prairie, Canada. I don’t know if they grow here. I now know what to look for, tho. I love your recipe.

    • anninateatime says:

      Thank you!
      They are quite easy to recognize with their yellow color and their exposed gills going some way down the stipe. And they taste wonderful.
      Good luck – I am sure they grow on your continent too:)

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