Continental Sheepdog Championship 2011. Photo of the Week #136

Who would have known that the first championship of…well…anything…would for me be of sheepdogs. Last weekend I attended the Continental Sheepdog Championship held on the grounds of Christinehof Manor which happens to be our Swedish neighbor. So there we were, the whole family, seated on straw bales watching border collies herding sheep for hours on end. Hypnotizing I tell you.

Oh yeah, and Norway won everything. Everything.


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4 Responses to Continental Sheepdog Championship 2011. Photo of the Week #136

  1. blasttrask says:

    New to blogging. Came to this photo early in my explorations. I am an amateur photographer so I wanted to see what wordpress had to offer. It’s fun to see what others are doing. When the image first appeared on my screen, i thought of England.

    • anninateatime says:

      It does remind one of England – and with the sheep the picture is complete:)
      Welcome to blogland!

  2. Rughino says:

    Non puoi immaginare le ristae che mi sono fatto con l’altra descrizione dello stesso evento, ricevuta via cartacea ieri!
    Se Obelix vi avessi conosciuto, avrebbe detto “Ils sont fous ces danois” e non “Ils sont fous ces romains”…
    Tanti baci,

  3. anninateatime says:

    Oppure “Ils son fous ces suédois”… Bene che ti sei divertito, caro.
    Alla fine siamo tutti poi pazzi.

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