Comforted cat. Photo of the Week #132

Last time I had a cat for my photo of the week it was Simao the cat sitting on a roof top. This week same cat has fallen asleep with my comforter as his nest.

Since his best friend Theo died Simao’s life has been a turmoil. My mother realised she is allergic to cats and so, Simao had to find a new home – my sister’s as it was to be. But before that she had to finish her exams and Simao dwelled at my place for a couple of weeks. In the beginning mainly under the bed on a diet consisting mainly in pure air. Very depressed little fellow. But then he moved to the inside of the washing mashine and after that he ventured out into the apartment.

Now he has moved to my sister’s and is quite contend there. As am I – as nice as it was to have him visiting I must say that the amount of fur on my furniture was horrifying. I am still coughing up fur balls!


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