All alone. Together. Photo of the Week #129

There are so many nice reasons why I haven’t been posting much for a while. A trip to Paris, a visit from Italy, building a small house (just a small one), and a wedding. A grand wedding I should say. So grand that I was happy to see this shot on my camera roll when it was all over – the happy couple all alone on their way out into a new world.

The wedding took place on my birthday and I can only recommend to have someone put together a party like that on your birthday. No worries about being the centre of things, just happy people, great food and dancing.

And now that it’s all over I promise to pull myself together and get some posting done!


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One Response to All alone. Together. Photo of the Week #129

  1. Rughino says:

    In parte causa di questa macanza di notizie che ha afflitto i lettori del Blog, chiedo scusa alla Comunità di fan di Annina.
    Dall’Italia ancora un abbraccio agli sposini.
    E uno grande-grande per la Annina.

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