Deh vieni alla finestra, cara Victoria

For me this week has been in the sign of two wonderful, laughing brunettes: Cecilia Bartoli and crown princess Victoria of Sweden.

Cecilia because she came to Copenhagen to receive the Léonie Sonning Music Prize. I attended the concert with my family also celebrating my mom’s 60th birthday in style.

Victoria because she’s getting married today. And the Swedes are so hungry for some royal party. There hasn’t been much to celebrate except the occasional birthday for many years while the Danish and Norwegian royal families have been celebrating one wedding after the other and then some baptisms of cute little princes and princesses. Poor Swedes – boy are they ready for some glamour?! They have been in a wedding frenzy since February last year when the engagement was announced. And today is the big day.

Last night they had a gala concert in honour of the happy couple. A rather well turned mix of popular and classical music + some acrobats and blonde children with wreaths of flowers. The high point of the evening was in my humble opinion when the master barytone Peter Mattei entered dressed up like the groom, Daniel Westling. And sang nothing but the serenade from Mozart’s Don Giovanni. Same serenade that I think he has made the best recording of. Ever.

And there he is serenading the dear little Victoria. I could say as Kierkegaard once did – “Listen, listen, listen to Mozart’s Don Juan“.


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2 Responses to Deh vieni alla finestra, cara Victoria

  1. Rughino says:

    Carinissime le foto!
    Sembrano tutte due pazze da legare!

  2. anninateatime says:

    Sono incantata di tutte e due:-)

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