It seems winter is here to stay. January was the coldest in 23 years and the forecast promises more snow in the coming week. And I rather like it! It takes a bit of getting used to but when you have accepted that you can forget about shoes and go straight for the boots and when you put on two of three woolen shirts under your jacket without even thinking about it then winter, real winter, is quite enjoyable.

I have been taking some photos of frozen Copenhagen so here you are.

When the harbour started freezing you sort of realised this was no ordinary winter. I can’t remember when that happened last.

And the three lakes in the middle of the city have become a new road to work for some.

And a playground for others. Ice hockey players and a dad who cleared a part of the ice to slide his kid on. Looked like fun!

Why cancel your jogging routine just because of a bit of snow?

This is a Fiat 500. Seems kinda wrong with that coat or is that just me in a weak moment picturing nice summerly Rome?

Yesterday some guy had the back window of his car crushed by falling ice taps. Must have been the size of these…

Blue skies and low winter sun on the snow is one of the benefits that make this winter the one with fewest winter depressions in years.

It sure is beautiful – this is by my work, and when the sun shines I feel pretty privileged.

And then it snows again. And again. And again. And the kids get renewed surfaces for their tobogganing.

The rest of us get a chance to flex our muscles. And no, I’m glad you asked, salt is no where to be gotten.

Fur, sun, snow and black trees. Winter is alright!


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3 Responses to Winter

  1. Rughino says:

    Che meraviglia!!

  2. atthelighthouse says:

    I’m glad that you are so enthusiastic about the wintry weather, Anna! I myself am *so* tired of it by now and can’t wait for Spring.
    But if anything were ever to convince me that winter is not all that bad, it would certainly have to be these photos of yours. They are absolutely stunning – great work! And congratulations on your new photo blog.


  3. anninateatime says:

    I’m glad you like it Rughino and Marie! Yes, I am rather happy with this winter. Today was particularly beautiful and I feel great!

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