Cold. Photo of the Week #67

The year has begun freezing cold. Minus 10-15 during the nights, minus 5 during the days and my apartment seems to have thrown in the towel, resigned, and utterly given up on keeping me warm. I guess I’ll have to go to work. Oh yeah, and the Christmas holiday ends tonight. *Sniff*

On the 31st of December in the afternoon my family and I always take a walk in the woods just north of Copenhagen. We bring hot chocolate and sweets and this year the hot part of that was essential. Everything was frozen including our toes. But beautiful to behold with ice crystals on the grass and the twilight blue sky above.

I had a great New Year’s Eve surrounded by good friends and I cross my fingers for just as great a year to come. 2010 is a beautiful number – I’ll bet it will be a beautiful year. Happy New Year!


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One Response to Cold. Photo of the Week #67

  1. rughino says:

    Mi piace tantissimo questa foto, e anche quella che hai messo in titolo. Anche a Roma fa freddo… Ma non tanto!

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