Christmas preparations. How to make ginger cookies

I have a wonderful recipe for ginger cookies. It’s quite time consuming but the result is great. So here are your ingredients – plus some butter I forgot to put in the photo:

250 grams butter

180 g white sugar

4 tablespoons syrup – dark, light, maple – whatever you have

1 egg

300 g wheat flour

2 teaspoons natron

3 teaspoons ground ginger

3 teaspoons ground cinnamon

3 teaspoons cardamom

As to the spices I often add more than the recipe says, but that depends on who will be eating the cookies – adults will probably like some more spices…

Ok, so here is how you do it (featuring my sister as the cook):

Cut the butter into squares dumping them in the sugar.

Add the syrup and mix thoroughly.

Then the egg goes in and you mix again. You want the butter to be completely dissolved.

Mix the flour with the natron and the spices.

Knead the flour mixture into the butter mixture. Neither my sister nor I hold a grudge against anyone called Doug. It actually says dough but the h disappeared when she made a fist. But ok, let’s call it Doug…

While Doug is in the refrigerator for half an hour you wash and dry the cookie cutters you put in the drawer last year without washing them.

Now you roll out the dough on a flour covered surface. If it’s too sticky a nice trick is to roll it out directly onto a piece of baking paper or you can just add some more flour to the dough – just make sure it doesn’t get too dry and bland.

Now call your brother so he can eat some of the dough.

Then you cut out the shapes you like. It’s easiest to remove the parts of the dough that is left over and then move the cookies to the baking plate.

Then you bake your cookies at 160 degrees celsius for 10-15 minutes. Keep an eye on the oven, they can turn too dark in a matter of seconds. Let the cookies cool on the plate or a grate.

Find your favourite christmassy cookie plate.

And then serve the cookies with a nice cup of tea.



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4 Responses to Christmas preparations. How to make ginger cookies

  1. Lotta says:

    You are fantastic!!! GOD JUL, från en finlandssvensk!

  2. anninateatime says:

    Why, thank you Lotta! And GOD JUL til dig også!

  3. Nico says:

    Thanks for the recipe … loved it!

  4. anninateatime says:

    You’re welcome, Nico!

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