Hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil. Just whistling here…

Last night at the Danish Queen’s gala dinner for the assembled world leaders – you know the ones that should try to get that climate agreement done today in Copenhagen – two activists from Greenpeace managed to gain access. I guess black tie and a gala dress does the trick. All those anarchists wearing only black and no tie should remind themselves of that next time they try breaking and entering a conference center surrounded by a zillion police officers dressed for war.

So here the Greenpeace couple goes all “look-here-at-our-banners” just after entering the castle, just where all the photographers from all the celebrity and gossip magazines are placed.

But no no you can’t bring banners to the Queen’s party so all those security guys and the sailor type to the right sees to it that nothing so abominable should hit the Queen’s eyes. And they sort of pack the Greenpeace people away…

Photo: Jens Nørgaard Larsen

…and pretend nothing ever happened. Just a bit of everyday violence and all will be well.

I’ll bet that whistling fellow is reminding himself of the penguins in Madagascar who have the perfect trick for pretending nothing out of the ordinary is happening:


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