Apples all around – at our Swedish house (in an area where they even have apple festivals), at home and by my uncle’s. So what to do with all those apples, besides pies, jellies and eating them raw? Must of course. Apple juice that is. So here is how it’s done:

After having located the nearest apple tree you put on your best sequined shoulderette and your favorite boots and get that apple picker ready.

Put the apples in a container.

Guard that container with you life.

Defending the apples

Contact your uncle (the one with the apple pressing device) and have him wash the apples.

Have your dad cut the apples in to handy pieces and have him fill the apple pressing device.

Get your youngest cousin, the juice expert, and her lovely assistant, the other uncle, and have them control the mashing process.

Makes sure she stays. This is essential.

Then have your brother remove the juice expert before she drinks all the must (do you see that MUST-DRINK-THE-MUST-look on her face?).

Call on your aunt to monitor the last drops being pressed.

Eat said aunt’s delicious lunch with a glass of freshly pressed apple juice. Highly recommended and highly addictive!

Oh, the joy of autumn!


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3 Responses to Must!

  1. rughino says:

    Sono bellissime le foto e i commenti… Mi manca Andrarum e la vostra famiglia! Avrei volentieri preso un bicchiere di quel succo di mela!

  2. Nico says:

    Lovely, just lovely … I love Must or “Most” as we call it in Germany. Thanks for sharing.

  3. anninateatime says:

    Grazie Rughino – tu manchi anche ad Andrarum!

    Hey Nico – thank you for your comment, and you know what? We call it “most” in Denmark as well:-)


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