Patient Puss

Rosina the Cat found a spider. A huge pale disgusting one. And I am grateful that she did. But you know, I didn’t have the guts to let her play with it in case it should get away. So I captured it in that little yellow bowl and threw it out the window. Poor puss was patient but to no avail…

I did get her some of those wonderful cracker-biscuit-things she loves though. You know. Cat food.

Patient Puss


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4 Responses to Patient Puss

  1. Lotta says:

    I miss my old cat, Jontte. A wonderful cat that unfortenutely longed for freedom since neighbours were not understanding, then in the freedom was to careless and then…ended up somewhere, in a place, we know nothing of. Perhaps.
    But what a sweet Rosina the Wondercat! Or Puss – what is her name?
    – Lotta

  2. rughino says:

    Brava, Rosina… “Ma se mi toccano dove è il mio debole… sarò una gatta scandinava, sarò…”

  3. anninateatime says:

    Hey Lotta
    Her name is Rosina but she normally goes under the name of Mis – equivalent of Puss in English.

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