Chatsworth. Photo of the Week #47

I spent the last week of my holiday in Britain with a good friend. We had both been invited to the wedding of a common friend and we reasoned that driving around the countryside for a week would be the perfect prelude to a fairytale wedding in Cambridge. So we went for the big country house tour.

I’ll do a review of the different houses we visited. They were mostly just ehm… fantastic, but then there were the really great ones. And one such was Chatsworth that was our first choice.


And there it was – wonderfully situated in the landscape and enormous. This is just one small corner of that beautiful massif.


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2 Responses to Chatsworth. Photo of the Week #47

  1. Cate says:

    Whenever I come back to your blog, you have either completed or are mid way through an exciting trip. I’m envious that you live in such a great place to do this. These are all great reads and photos.

  2. anninateatime says:

    Well, I guess Europe is a great place for going on quite varied trips. Still, the world is so much more than Europe… at the moment my mind drifts towards Cuba, Egypt and the US. *sigh* and please…send more money!


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