Hooray for Greenland

Today is the longest day (*sniff*) and it also happens to be the national day of Greenland. And this year they had particular reason to wave the flag: after centuries of foreign reign they are now (almost) independent of Denmark.

Queen Margrethe II presents the independence documents to leader of the Greenlandic Parliament Josef Motzfeldt

Wikipedia writes: “Internationally, on June 21, 2009, Greenland assumed self-determination with the responsibilities of self-government of judicial affairs, policing and its natural resources. Denmark maintains control of finances, foreign affairs and defense. It is a step towards full independence from Danish rule. Greenlandic became the official language of Greenland at the historic ceremony.

My sincere congratulations to all of us!


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One Response to Hooray for Greenland

  1. rughino says:

    Carina, zia Margherita, nel suo abito tradizionale groenlandese! Complimenti anche dall’Italia per questa misura politica. Un abbraccio romano,

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