There’s a first time for everything or how the Danish Parliament asked the wrong question

Today the Danes and most of Europe are casting their votes for the European Parliament. Seems that few really care – or at least fewer than for a national election. However this time there’s more to care about than usually as we are also having a referendum on the equal rights between males and females in the royal family. The question we were asked was: should the firstborn have the hereditary right no matter his/her sex? The constitution at the moment says that a boy will always go before a girl to the throne even if he is younger.

Quite an easy one to answer – right? Yeah, so I thought until some weeks ago when I realised that it was the wrong question. Because with this question they do not ask if we want total equality beyond gender. As it is today the constitution seems to agree with George Orwell: All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.

Our royal family has no right to vote or have a political opinion. They are legally immune. They receive a stipend from the state, and are requested to act as the official facade of the country. I do not condone all this, simply because it seems absurd in a modern society to have a circle of select few who are stripped of rights and duties because of their ancestry.

The Royal Danish Family

So how did I vote? For the first time in my life I returned a blank vote, and it felt really strange not to vote for equal rights between men and women. But I want to tell the politicians that they asked the wrong question. The right one would have been: do you wish to abolish the constitutional monarchy and replace it with a republic? Then my answer would have been: Yes. My sentimental heart would bleed, but I would have to abide by my own principles.

All are born equal!


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2 Responses to There’s a first time for everything or how the Danish Parliament asked the wrong question

  1. Hans says:

    Svært hørt!

  2. jensdrejer says:

    Jeg stemte ja, men jeg er ret enig med dig i problemerne med monarkiet. Hvis vi skulle stemme om monarkiet, så er det ikke umuligt at jeg ville stemme på samme måde.

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