Roman Holiday. Photo of the Week #39

This week I spent in Rome at my best friend’s home. So many good laughs and talks. We even went to a wedding and here we are looking quite happy:


We also got to hear Cecilia Bartoli in concert with Lang Lang and a whole lot of other nice things.


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4 Responses to Roman Holiday. Photo of the Week #39

  1. Cate says:

    You look gorgeous in that outfit. Looks like you are having a fab time in Rome and hearing some wonderful music.

  2. anninateatime says:

    Thanks, Cate! Truly a fab time there. And nice and sunny most of the time while here in Copenhagen it’s freakin’ 13 degrees C. Wrong, wrong, wrong I tell you!

  3. rughino says:

    M E R A V I G L I O S O !!!
    Tu sei bellissima nel tuo completino Michelle, e che scarpe favolose che ha il ragazzo che è insieme a te!
    Un bacio grande grande grande…

  4. anninateatime says:

    Sí siamo abbastanza meravigliosi tutti e due, secondo me:-)

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