Ilulissat. Greenland. And a Wedding

After having left Sisimiut, Greenland my Easter holiday continued in Ilulissat or Jakobshavn as the Danes call it. Ilulissat is situated in the Disco Bay as perfectly illustrated by my brother-in-law in this photo:

Just South of the city is the icefjord where the polar cap sends tons and tons of ice out into the sea at the edge of the most productive glacier in the world. Icebergs! Like the one that killed the Titanic.

This is a view across the fjord. To get a sense of scale I’d say that the striped iceberg in the middle of the picture is about 50 metres tall. Below is what it looks like from the air. In the horizon you see the polar cap about 40 km from where this is taken.

So what do you do in Ilulissat? You trek in the mountains around the city, you eat great food, you sail and you just goggle at those iceberg for hours on end. And as if that wasn’t enough my sister got herself married!

We met this Italian guy who arranged trips by boat on the fjord. He told my sister and her boyfriend that he had arranged plenty of weddings on the sea. He was only joking when he said “we’ll get you married, eh?!” but they took him up on it. After some painstakingly long hours of correspondence between the residential commune in Denmark and the commune of Ilulissat and some searching for a person who could actually marry them they succeeded! Ane Lone Bagger from the city council came with us the day after  (Maundy Thursday) on the boat and we had a beautiful ceremony out on sea below the icebergs.

You might wonder what it is they are wearing. Well, they are the national costumes of Greenland. My brother-in-law borrowed his from the hotel driver. A white anorak and black pants. Nothing fancy but quite elegant. My sister had tried to borrow her suit from a girl in town, but without any luck. Until Ane Lone turned up in her own costume and generously offered to switch clothes with my sister. This way she was wed in the most beautiful wedding outfit anyone could wish for.

We were of course very happy all of us – laughing a lot and crying a bit. We had wedding cake on the ship and went trekking in the afternoon. Some were kissing:


In the evening we had a wonderful dinner at the hotel with muskox and other great dishes.

The evening before we had seen the most marvellous northern lights and we all agreed that they augured a happy marriage to come.

The rest of the time? Snow and happiness.

Greenland in April is highly recommended!


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4 Responses to Ilulissat. Greenland. And a Wedding

  1. Cate says:

    These photos and your writing are simply captivating.

  2. anninateatime says:

    Thank you Cate – we do our best 😉


  3. rughino says:

    Auguri per gli sposini, Laura e Theis… Vi voglio bene e spero che abbiate insieme una vita lunga e felice! E se vi va di venire a Roma, sapete che siete i benvenuti!

    E a te, Annina, cognatina del nostro cuore: grazie della notizia e delle bellissime foto!

    Manca poco a che ci vediamo!!

  4. anninateatime says:

    Grazie Rughino! Dirò tutto da te ai cari sposi.
    Non vedo l’ora di vedervi e farvi vedere ancora più foto (attenzione!!) dal matrimonio.

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