Spring Dish. Blinis with Lumpfish Roe.

One of the harbingers of spring in Denmark is the arrival of lumpfish roe (or as the Danes say: stenbiderrogn – I challenge you to pronounce that) in the stores. Same as caviar, but pink and not quite as expensive. I love it served Russian style with blinis. The nice thing is hardly the taste as it almost has none – the nice thing is the sensation when the fish eggs pop in your mouth. It is a perfect dish to impress any guest and it is the easiest points you are ever going to take.

And then of course I love the idea of eating sour cream for dinner.

This is what it looks like before assembling the dish:


We have the blinis (bake them yourself or buy them at your local supermarket – if you have a cool one like mine). We have the sour cream seasoned with salt and pepper. We have chopped red onions aaaaand the good stuff – the roe, and plenty of it.

If you’re hardcore you buy the roe unwashed at your fishmonger’s and then you rinse it under cold running water. They say it’s easy, but I’ve always gone for it take-away-style like here. Cleaned and ready.

And then you just assemble the dish from these four ingredients:




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