Tea Room # 1. Konditori Hollandia, Malmö

I am a great cake fan and why not share my experiences with various tea rooms and confectioneries in Denmark and abroad? I have after all accumulated my pastry wisdom over many years…

We begin abroad, in the Swedish city of Malmö just across the water from Copenhagen. A nice little city that I visited last Friday just strolling around enjoying the sun before going to the summer house until my eye met this:


Konditori Hollandia. Södra Förstadsgatan in the centre of Malmö.

I could immediately tell from the old fashioned lettering on the facade that this was not just any baker’s shop but a true tea room suited for the kind of old ladies that wear fur all year round. That would be me – you just wont be able to tell from my outward appearance until 40 years time…

And of course I had to check out the cakes. And buy some.

The interior was not as charming as one could have hoped for. Simple and a little bit bare and worn. So I think this is a place to buy your cakes and take them home. Or of course sit out on the street in the sun enjoying some ice coffee in July.

There were cakes. Plenty. And they were either of the creamy kind which you can hardly transport, or of the more solid kind. I love the creamy kind, but this time was a take away time. So I did. Look at the nice bag:


And the nice box:




The ones with the green marzipan  were called nutty princesses – in Swedish there is sadly enough no pun… Nougat on a layer of almond.

The ones with the sign are Sarah Bernhards (as you can see). Macaroon topped with ganache and dark chocolate. One of my favourite classic pastries.

And the the three small ones are deluxe florentines with some sort of almond filling. These were the best and most surprising.

My next time in Malmö I will have a piece of creamy layer cake to tell if this is really a top notch place. I’m not totally convinced by these pastries – they were very nice but not the most challenging kind for a pastry cook. Konditori Hollandia does however get points from the wrapping and service at the place.

On a scale from one to six I’d say four…

I’ll be back!


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One Response to Tea Room # 1. Konditori Hollandia, Malmö

  1. jensdrejer says:

    Jamen, kære Anna, hvorfor kom du ikke forbi mig? Jeg havde da gerne givet en kop the? 😆

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