White. Photos of the Week #23

I’ve had so much work lately that I was in dire need of a holiday. As such a thing was not within my reach I decided to visit our house in Sweden for just one day. I arrived in snowy weather in the evening and rose to 20 cm of snow the next day. 

Surely this is the place where Lucy met Mr Tumnus?

Surely this is where Lucy met Mr Tumnus?


I spent a day wandering in the snowy woods, baking, and watching BBC dramas, and then next morning me and my dad dug out the car so I could go home and to work.



Luckily with got some serious help with the driveway – or I would have been not only late for work but also too fatigued to work…




My parents stayed some days after my departure and luckily the snow heavy clouds vanished leaving this spectacle:









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3 Responses to White. Photos of the Week #23

  1. harith says:

    I don’t think there’s this much snowfall even in the Himalayas. LOL. Nice photographs.

  2. Rughino says:

    Meravigliosa A. ! Quanto mi manca… è stato lì che ho visto nevicare per la prima volta, poco più di un anno fa’, ti ricordi? Grazie delle foto!

  3. anninateatime says:

    To be compared to the Himalayas! Wonderful!

    E caro Rughino – abbiamo parlato tanto di te e come ti sarebbe piaciuto! Devi venire subito!


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