Crème brûlée. Photo of the Week #20

For my brother’s 18th birthday on Thursday we had an outstanding dinner with the closest friends of the family – also known as the uncle and aunts. For dessert we had this wonderful crème brûlée – the favourite dessert of all members of the family.


Crème brûlée.


To see my brother turn 18 is truly special. I attended his birth and remember it well, and thus my own life span is put into perspective. I can actually remember well 18 years back! 


By coincidence the 22nd of January this year was also the birthday of a colleague’s grandchild and the death of a venerable friend of classical music chamberlain Vincens Steensen-Leth. Last night my place of work held a concert arranged by him, but unfortunately not witnessed by him. These random occurrences also put life into perspective on a more general basis. 


And the crème brûlée was delicious.



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