Tokyo. First Impressions

I’m in Tokyo!

Hard to write anything that doesn’t sound like my Lonely Planet guide book. But…big and noisy, quiet and small town-like, orderly and labyrinthine, dismal and funny.
Some of the quieter spots I have visited include the Ueno park with the National Museum (among tons of other museums) and the Imperial Gardens (the small part accessible to the public). The Imperial Gardens have a bleak air. Quiet with occasional shrieks from the many crows made it kind of an odd walk. Here are some impressions:
cyklende-parkvagt. Tokyo. Kejserpaladsets Have
Tokyo is full of menials showing the way about and seeing to general order. They are all uniformed and in the Imperial Gardens they are on bike…

Another menial by the gate to the gardens welcoming guests.

kejserpaladets-mure-tokyo, Imperial Palace walls
No jumping over any walls in this garden! We are talking about 10 metres tall walls surrounding the non public part of the Imperial grounds.

One of the ominous crows.

This morning I went to the Tsukiji fish market. I wasn’t too early, but there were still plenty of fish and people. And lots of them (the people) driving around like crazy with their purchases in boxes and baskets. Inside the market everyone were busy too, pushing and shouting – I was definitely in their way. But I did manage to take some photos. I was especially fascinated by the giant tuna 1-2 metres long and cut with something that looked remarkably like samurai swords!

Take a look here…

Octopus Tokyo


Cutting Tuna, Tokyo fish market


Fish market Tokyo


After the market I went to the Ueno park to see the National Museum. I regretted not knowing more about Buddhism ad Japanese art in general and even with the well written texts in the museum I felt somewhat ignorant and in the dark. But the objects and sculptures were absolutely beautiful.

An angry god. As far as I could make out he’s angrily correcting people who are not remembering their duties as good buddhists. Sounds familiar…

Not all were angry. This incense burner in the shape of a lion seemed quite happy and good-natured.

In the afternoon I went shopping in the Shibuya zone. I went straight for all the silly and cute stuff. Beware family members – you may not know it now, but you will be needing this stuff as soon as it is in your hands.

Tomorrow the National Museum of Western Art (notice their brilliant logo) where I will have some working to do…


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5 Responses to Tokyo. First Impressions

  1. jensdrejer says:

    Det ser meget spændende ud og jeg håber at du nyder det. Hvis du får hjemve, kan du jo altid besøge den danske bager. 😉

  2. anninateatime says:

    Du kender den danske bager?! Jeg kom netop forbi den i går aftes! Undrede mig såre, og tog et billede…


  3. jensdrejer says:

    De har flere gange været i tv, blandt andet i forbindelse med …. jeg tror det var Margrethe og Henrik der var i Japan. Nu har den danske bager fra Tokyo vist også åbnet en butik i København, på Østerbro vist nok. Men jeg er ikke helt sikker.

  4. Hans says:

    Det med cute and silly stuff må være forbeholdt dine søskende; du kan da umuligt mene at det skal gå ud over forældrene!

  5. anninateatime says:

    Bare pas på! Også mændene her har dimser hængende på deres mobiltelefoner…

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