The chair!

Last night I was watching Dame Judi Dench receiveing her Lifetime Achievement Award at the European Film Award show here in Copenhagen. Being one of m favourite actresses I thought it was wonderful to see her receive such an award, and I was touched to see how moved she was by it. 


After her acceptance speech the host of the evening, Mikael Bertelsen (another favourite of mine) took her back to her seat, which was next to Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark. And there he asked the Crown Prince, twice before he got it, to help Judi Dench with her chair. How hilarious is that!? “The chair?… The chair, please!”


You can watch it here. If you don’t want to watch the whole 9.15.minutes then go directly to 8.44 – but she is quite cute, so why not watch it all. It has Mads Mikkelsen too…




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