Going for it

What really gets to me when listening to music at home or going to a performance is when the musicians just go for it. It’s obvious that the best performers are the ones who forget everything else and give themselves 100 %. But sometimes it’s more than that – it’s a sort of letting go that only the truly great master. One of those is Patricia Petibon. Small and good indeed. I have loved her for a long time and I think I will have to get her new album Amoureuses.

Because… look at this:



Now that’s what comes from understanding the importance of going for it. 

By the way – does anyone know if Daniel Harding has been taken? The guy in the hoodie..?



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One Response to Going for it

  1. jensdrejer says:

    Jeg kendte hende ikke, men du har ret: hun er god. Det minder mig om, at jeg burde købe en ny “Tryllefløjte”. Min er altså ikke helt som man kunne ønske sig.

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