Pancake Club Revisited

I have written about The Pancake Club earlier and today I got a wonderful comment from Ken Albala who directs my attention to his book Pancake: A Global History.

Pancake. A Global History

It seems to be a total must for any pancake lover (such as myself). As soon as I have it in my greasy (from the pancakes) hands I will let you know all about it. Aren’t you excited?

And by the way The Pancake Club had its bimonthly meeting yesterday, and even though we have changed the statutes of the club slightly thus having dinner before the pancake eating we did get to them. The pancakes. This time we had them the Icelandic way with lots of whipped cream and strawberry jam. We wanted to show our sympathy with the poor islanders who will no longer be able to afford the whipped cream. Or the jam. Or perhaps even the pancake. I’m not sure.


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