Too Much of a Good Thing…

Four people are reported feeling unwell after having eaten an apple cake. They had followed the recipe in a Swedish food magazine carefully. Unfortunately there was an error. Instead of 2 pinches of nutmeg the recipe said 20 whole nutmeg nuts. And compliant as the cook was he/she actually purchased 20 nuts, grated them, put them in the cake, served the cake, and…and this is the strangest part – ate the cake along with three friends. They all ate it! Did it taste good I wonder?

Reminded me of a childhood song from Thorbjørn Egner’s Klatremus and the other Animals of the Hakkebakke Woods. The song is about baking pepper cookies (yes – pepper. Like ginger snaps, sort of), and the poor baker’s apprentice mixes up pepper with sugar thus adding a kilo pepper and just a pinch of sugar instead of the other way round.

Here you are.



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