Viktor & Rolf at the Barbican

I just returned from a short trip to London where I was dragged (OK, I came willingly) by my sister to see the Viktor & Rolf exhibition at the Barbican Centre. And it was totally cool!

What did I know about Dutch designer duo V&R? Well, the Flowerbomb perfume aaand…H&M collection…and that was it. Turns out they are funny, thought-provoking and creators of sights for sore eyes.

Sleep. Viktor Rolf
From Bedtime Story , Fall/Winter 05-06.

The exhibition was very large and presented their work from the beginning of their careers till now showing both videos of their haute couture performances and the actual pieces. The dresses were both there ‘in the flesh’ and as miniature copies on dolls in a gigantic doll house.

I was completely flabbergasted by the show and I recommend it highly to anyone visiting London before September 21.

And don’t despair if you can’t go. Viktor & Rolf have the most amazing website where you can dive into their weird and fascinating world – and watch videos from all their shows – go to ‘Collections’ in the Library. (No linking – sorry).

If you’re into something artsy/sort of happening’y watch ‘Russian Dolls’.
If you’re into Rufus Wainwright or Tori Amos go for the ‘Ballroom Collection’ and the ‘Bedtime Story’.
If you’re feeling anti, against or just plain negative watch ‘No’.
And finally if you just want to see fabric dissolve and transform into skies and fields watch ‘Bluescreen’. The politically indignant can go here too.

Now I just have to go to Milan to see their upside-down shop.

Viktor Rolf shop Milano


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2 Responses to Viktor & Rolf at the Barbican

  1. Rasmus says:

    wow it looks totally awesome…. i like the fact that you can bring your pillow to work and still look sooooooo fashionable…

    see you soon



  2. anninateatime says:

    I’d like to bring my pillow to work too! Pillows are definitely the new black.

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