I have had a perfect summer vacation. The weather was dulcet, the raspberries were sweet, Carlos Sastre won the Tour de France, the sea was warm (kind of), the family was relaxed, the cats were happy, and the picnics were everything they should be. Let me show you.

First a collection of picnics:

Picnic at the beach


Picnic basket


Picnic at the beach again

Some of the picnics even included singing. In this case – the Hills are Alive. I have it on film, but I wont bother you.

The Hills are Alive. Picnic

We also did a picnic of a kind on my sister’s birthday. OK, perhaps not a picnic. Hm. No. But good. Very good.

Anna eating salmon at Nimb in Tivoli, Copenhagen

Oh, and yes, we did have cake too.

Laura's birthday cake

When not leaving the summerhouse for our dinners we often had a small fire in the evening. One of my cousins had her baby Sofie Kastanje in April and my other cousin will have her baby Uma in September. Here they all are with my sister too.

And as you might have noticed eating is crucial to my family vacations. Here is what we named “A Symphony of Berries”. I think my sis promotes the deliciousness of it all perfectly.

But eating (and watching Tour de France) is not all we do. We also work in the woods. If we don’t we will end up being swallowed by the greenery never to be seen again. Here is my super cool aunt – the only one in the family capable of handling a chain saw safely and effectively.

So we chopped wood and stacked wood and cut branches and all that. Plus I got to repaint the letters of the stone marking the entrance to our piece of land. ‘Skovklit’ means ‘ Wood Dune’ and it is the name of the house – situated very near the sea but in the woods. I paint the letters red about every second year.

Now I’m back in the city and longing for all the good stuff. It’s raining. Which is good in a way, since it means I timed my vacation perfectly. On the other hand it feels like autumn is here way to early. Sigh.

Summer in a nutshell


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