Go with Peace Jamil

I just returned from the cinema and the Danish film Go with Peace Jamil. This story about revenge and love takes us through a parallel universe to what I know as Copenhagen. A Copenhagen where ancient strife and ancient codes of revenge make men kill each other in a never ending vicious circle. They all tell each other to be the one to close the circle but they never can.

Ma Salama Jamil

Jamil’s mother was killed when he was a child. His father decided not to revenge her but to stay alive and take care of his son. Now Jamil does what he believes to be his duty and kills his mother’s murderer. Within 24 hours his life falls to pieces and he looses everything in a drama of Shakespearean dimensions.

Several elements struck me. First of all the love. Love was everywhere in this film and the characters expressed the most tender love in continuity. Amidst all the blood love was the vehicle of all their actions – even the insane sense of duty to revenge.

And then the utter outlandishness of a well-known place, my home city. An alien society constantly touching my sphere, my language, my streets – but only just brushing for a moment. Danish society was all around but completely absent. Only once did a Dane appear: the back of a blonde girl in a shop. Never did an ambulance, a police officer or any other representative of official Denmark appear. And yet these characters spoke Danish without an accent. Just in a parallel world.

Writer and director Omar Shagawi has done a magnificent piece. A shocking, terrible and somehow loving portrait of a culture, a small part of Danish society, that we will never see in real life. We – the others.


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