Here Comes the Sun

The last weeks have been one long sunny joy, and with all the holidays scattered in April and May I have been able to enjoy them to the full.

But first of all my family had the pleasure of getting another member. My cousin Signe and her boyfriend Sonny had a daughter on the 23th of April. Very pretty and good. And she’s called Sofie Kastanie – Sophie Maroon. How cute is that? And perfect for a girl who without a doubt will have dark brown hair.

The Maroon and her mother.

Then we went to Sweden and enjoyed the blooming apple trees. Österlen where our house is is an area of orchards. They make apples like the French make wine and just now it is one of the most adorable sights there is to see.

So we just enjoyed it a lot, and worked hard as always when we are there – but we did get to relax as well.


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2 Responses to Here Comes the Sun

  1. Rughino says:

    Auguri per Sofia Castagna!
    Un bacio

  2. anninateatime says:

    Grazie! Non vedo l’ora di rivederla!

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