I’m on a short trip to Berlin. I have two missions: going to the opera three times and buying a teddy bear for my cousin’s new born baby girl. 

The teddy bear will be today. I will be going to the Steiff shop to find something like this guy but perhaps a bit more cuddly:


Steiff teddy

The German Steiff invented the teddy bear, so I think it is only appropriate that little Sofie Kastanje should have such a bear. Better imprint her with a sense of quality from the beginning. She has quality parents so why not quality bears?




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One Response to Bearlin

  1. mostlyopera says:

    Looking forward to read about your trip. We must at least be at some of the same performances as I am attending both Don G performances this weekend as well as the underground Magic Flute. Something I would never believe would happen to me seems to be happening: Three Mozart performances in a row…

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