Good morning, good moooorning!

I just got this video from one of my colleagues. It’s a commercial for P3 one of the official Danish radio channels. It features a lot of celebrities but the really hilarious part is that some of the most prominent Danish politicians are there singing chorus or even doing solos. This is so ‘feel gooddy’.

You can do a picture lottery if you don’t know those guys:

Pia Kjærsgaard

Right wing terror – Pia Kjærsgaard

Center right leader – Margrethe Vestager

Minister for culture – Brian Mikkelsen

These are just a selection… And you know what they sing? Well the refrain goes something like:

Good morning, good morning
wake up and get a hug
you’re the one we care for
we love you –
it’ll be a good day.

But you know what? Next time I think they ought to dance. Do they want my vote? Do they want me to listen? What about the deaf?
I’m thinking…


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One Response to Good morning, good moooorning!

  1. Rughino says:

    In Italy they didn’t think yet of giving us this precious moments… Do you imagine Berlusconi singing “Good mornin’/ Good mornin’! / We’ve talked the whole night through, / Good mornin’ /Good mornin’ to you…” (

    Debbie Reynolds, come back, pleazzzzzz….

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