More items I like – let’s do a theme thing: Tea.

I drink a lot of tea. All sorts of tea. And I don’t take sugar or milk.
So this time I have some nice tea stuff to show you. First some of my teapots.


Not being too clever I forgot to put something in the picture to make you understand the tiny size of these teapots. Because they are itsy bitsy. Yes they are. And cute. And they suit me. Two cups of tea in each.My favourite tea dealer is Perch’s in Copenhagen. Talking about that store would make me make a whole new category – “Places I Like”. Maybe I will. Here is a link and they ship internationally.

When I last spent some time in Sweden I found this wonderful package of tea. The tea itself is so so, but the packaging is wonderful and a worthy member of Items I Like.

Kooh-i-noor. Tea

Look at that little orange man worshipping the tea. Look at the palm trees and the yellow clouds. Magnificent I’d say.

At Christmas my aunt gave me a tea cup she had bought in the Covent Garden market in London.

Tea cup.

The cup is an example of the typical chinoiserie you would find on many tea related items. I liked it when I received it but how much more did I come to adore it when I saw Martin Parr’s photo of (almost) the same cup hanging as a poster on a friend’s wall!

Tea cup. Martin Parr

I have always liked Martin Parr. Seeing his photo gives my cup a completely different meaning. Before it was a cup brought home from a trip to London by a romantic aunt to a romantic niece and the object carried all the Britishness of Britishness – we are talking Beatrix Potter, Jane Austen, and the Queen here. And now the cup carries all the Britishness of fish and chips and pale frozen legs under a miniskirt on a winter’s day. If you know what I mean. If not, then take a tour of Parr’s works and maybe you will.

Martin Parr’s cup is just another reason for not taking milk in your cuppa. You should rather put a nice jasmine flower in a glass cup and see it bloom as you pour boiling water over it.


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